Opt for web development company rather than a freelancer

Everyone wants to be their own boss. So with experience of 5-7 years in any field everyone wants to start their own business. So all startup companies are seeking their online presence through a website. To accomplish this task they try to find the resources on the internet until or unless someone recommended them any source. They search for resources using keywords like freelance web developer, freelance web development or freelance web designers. Either they end up seeing some blog of freelancer or they reach to the freelance heaven websites like rentacoder, getacoder, getafreelancer, elance or odesk. These sites have millions of cheap freelancers registered with them. You can put your project there and you will get as many as 50-100 bids in a day. This sounds fascinating initially, but it’s just a beginning of process.

Drawback of freelancers

  • There will be numbers of option for you so selecting anyone will be a tough task.
  • Everyone will tell you that they are best; but how can you judge them.
  • It is very hard to get your requirement fulfilled by a single freelancer. So you will be recommended for another one and it will cost you apart.
  • Almost every freelancer have a full-time job and they are overloaded due to their cheap hourly rates. So there may be delay in delivering your projects.
  • Communication is also a big issue for them as at the same time they will be doing their full-time job. And you cannot do nothing if your freelancer will disappear after taking your advance money.

Benefits of web development companies

  • These companies have a long-term plan so they are very professional in their work.
  • Companies have a number of resources so your project will never suffer a delay.
  • The IT companies have a legal name, legal offices so they can sign a contract with you while freelancer will never do this.
  • A web development company takes money on milestones, so both your money and project will remain secure.
  • You can get a good communicating people in web development companies because the manager is always a well experienced person; who look after the responsibilities of problems and payments.

So you are recommended to hire a company as your plan of saving money could end up losing money and time, losing time is more expensive than losing money.

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